The Very Latex Office is on rubber holidays and not accepting orders.
We will commence regular activity again on 1st December 2017.
During this time we will provide irregular email replies to

Welcome to Very Latex!

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Welcome to Very Latex, where latex clothing fantasy becomes reality.
Restrict yourself in our glossy rubber.

While fashion trends are pushing skimpier skirts, shorter shorts and the 'less is more' philosophy, it applies to us only when we talk about the amount of skin showing. Here at Very Latex we firmly believe 'more is more'; that you should fit one or several of our highly polished rubber outfits snugly to your body to cover up as much as you can.

Likewise, our clothing attempts to prevent freedom of movement where appropriate by restricting arms and legs. Bring back the long hobble skirts and impractical boots we say! Escape the stresses of our increasingly busy world by embracing vlatex at every opportunity.

We provide:

  • Made-to-measure on every item. An exact fit for you.
  • Top quality manufacturing techniques; modern tailoring, gluing and well anchored zippers.
  • Custom latex designs you won't find elsewhere.
  • Lots of options to customize existing designs.

Our long term reputation is very important to us, so we will not rest until you are completely happy. We are real people who can understand your order.

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