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Checkout step 3 - Measurements and Sizing

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Use this page to tell us size you need for the items listed in your shopping cart.

Please fill out the following information in Centimetres (cm) for each person you are ordering for.

The measuring tape in Centimetres (not inches) should follow your contour but not too tight against the body and measuring nude or with the clothing you will be wearing under the latex. Those with large breasts should measure with a T-shirt or similar over the bust for the neck-to-neck measurement. Ideally have somebody measure you while standing upright. If in doubt, take the largest of two measurements because our research has shown that most people are after a more comfortable fit on all their items.

If you want a tighter or looser fit than normal, let us know in your comments - do not factor it into your measurements. You only ever need to submit one sizing chart per person. The charts show a female form for illustrative purposes only.

Please note that orders for customers heavier than 120kg may incur a materials surcharge depending on the cut of the outfit.

Sizing Reference Information

Basic measurements (CM)

* Please enter only Centimeters (CM), not inches and round up - no need for decimal places.

Hood measurements (CM)

The crown (G) is a circle measured around the top of the head, above the ears where a crown would sit.
The face circumference (Z) is a circle measured from under the chin, around the forehead and back down again to the chin.

Full body suit measurements (sleepsacks, mermaid suits)

*Please don't forget to use a Centimeters tape measure to measure yourself.

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