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Riding Dress

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Price: $265 Australian Dollars (est. $198 US)
Product Code: rider Bondage Rating: 0/5 A bondage rating of 0 means no restriction at all, graduating up to 4 which means some restriction and you need help to wear and get out, and 5 which means heavy restriction and you need someone to help you wear and get out.
Weight: 1150 g Normally international postage costs around the same up to 2kg so you can estimate how many items you can fit into one parcel if you want to combine postgage efficiently. Custom fit included: YES All our products are made to your measurements, except when you buy off the rack.
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A long and heavy riding dress with modern latex hoodie overtones, this deluxe gown has a fitted rain hood to cover the head. It is available in your choice of two 0.45mm colors, the trim being the color of the unique stripe down the arms and back of the hood. Red internal hood and boots are models own and not included.

Availability: Out of stock for the moment, sorry.

Vote for this item if you would like us to stock it in your size.

Vote for this item if you would like us to stock it in your size.