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Price: $200 Australian Dollars (est. $142 US)
Product Code: gymcs Bondage Rating: 0/5 A bondage rating of 0 means no restriction at all, graduating up to 4 which means some restriction and you need help to wear and get out, and 5 which means heavy restriction and you need someone to help you wear and get out.
Weight: 800 g Normally international postage costs around the same up to 2kg so you can estimate how many items you can fit into one parcel if you want to combine postgage efficiently. Custom fit included: YES All our products are made to your measurements, except when you buy off the rack.
- Colors - Custom -


Enrol in a conservative Latex University with this skirted rubber sports uniform. The flowing skirt is joined to a rubber team leotard, concealed beneath its folds. The 0.45mm glossy uniform is designed to be used by the swim or netball team. Modesty is protected by snug-fitting shorts built into the outfit. Default configuration is one rear zipper plus a separate two-way crotch zipper beneath the skirt. Available in your choice of one color. Hood not included but can be attached.


The main color that most of this outfit it is made from
Use this option to tell us if we should join a hood to this outfit for you. If you want different colors please explain in the notes or at checkout time.
Two D-rings and an upgrade of the collar to a reinforced core allows this outfit to be padlocked closed
Available with long length sleeves to the wrist
Select the kind of nipple zips you would like.
This option describes if there is a flap of latex on the inside of the zipper to stop it touching the skin. Considered mandatory by some, it can catch in the zip so you can unselect it here if you dont want it.
This outfit can have a longer skirt attached at the waist, like on our Wedding Dress, or a narrower hobble style skirt.
This item can have a crotch zipper

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