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Cheongsam Pants
Price: $200 Australian Dollars (est. $150 US)
Product Code: dr009 Bondage Rating: 0/5 A bondage rating of 0 means no restriction at all, graduating up to 4 which means some restriction and you need help to wear and get out, and 5 which means heavy restriction and you need someone to help you wear and get out.
Weight: 700 g Normally international postage costs around the same up to 2kg so you can estimate how many items you can fit into one parcel if you want to combine postgage efficiently. Custom fit included: YES All our products are made to your measurements, except when you buy off the rack.
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This is a pretty rubber version of the traditional Cheongsam, with a Mandarin collar. You will not escape attention if you wear this snugly fitted gown to a formal event or in the bedroom. Couple this glossy dress with our loose and flowing Cheongsam Pants for a perfect, full coverage ensemble. Hood and gloves not included. Available in your choice of two colors, where major color is the color of the dress section. The style is a modern corset style with lace fasteners as shown, or can be made with a zip instead of laces. The dress zips down the side for entry but if corset laces are present these need to be loosened to allow the garment to be put on.

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We stock some ready-made sizes for this item that can be posted right away.
Our 0.45mm latex stretches 10% and if you have any questions on sizing, send through your chest/waist/hip/height/weight and we can advise.
You can also measure an existing latex item that fits well by laying it flat and then doubling the values.
For a loose fit, select a size a little larger than your actual measurements.

Picture Size
Smallest to Largest
Color and Detail
Cheongsam Sale Female XXL Female XXL: Weight 75 - 85 kg, Height 171 - 181 cm, Chest/Bust 100 - 115 cm, Waist 78 - 93 cm, Hip 105 - 120 cm TRANSPARENT as shown, with corset laces
$120 AUD (Normally $200)
You save $80
Cheongsam Sale Male M Male M: Weight 76 - 84 kg, Height 174 - 184 cm, Chest/Bust 90 - 105 cm, Waist 80 - 95 cm, Hip 90 - 105 cm TRANSPARENT as shown, with corset laces
$120 AUD (Normally $200)
You save $80

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