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Custom Designs

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If you have a particular latex pet project that you have always wished to make, we can probably help.

Got an idea?

If you can draw or describe what you want very clearly, we can possibly make it for you - just contact us .

We normally have to review, change and pattern most designs to suit the manufacturing process and our wearability requirements. This takes a huge amount of time and creative energy. So it needs to be either a variation of an existing design of ours, or a design that will have wide appeal where we have a chance to recoup our pattern and prototype costs.

To reduce costs and avoid future ownership claims on designs, we reserve the right to incorporate any submitted ideas into our designs at no cost to

By submitting a design or idea to us you agree to relinquish to us any copyright or royalty you may have on it. To be very clear, Very Latex cannot afford to pay commission if a design is successful, because all of the financial risk is ours. Or designer Fast also has hundreds of his beautiful drawings that we select from, so we have no shortage of ideas.

Changing an existing design

Most of our designs can be easily modified for a nominal fee:

Possible Modification
Feet (no zipper)
Zippers for some items can be Vision Zipper (the default) which has bigger teeth and hence is stronger, or Coil Zipper which has smaller teeth and is not quite as strong but does not chafe sensitive skin as easily.
Zippered feet
Ankle zippers
Zippered paw mitts on the ends of sleeves
Zippered fist mitts on the ends of sleeves
Rear pockets
Hood joined to catsuit or dress
Extra nose/mouth/eye holes (if not already on hood) are no extra charge
Puffy shoulders
Matching hoods
Breast Zippers
Crotch Zipper - free, but you must ask for it.
Press studs

Just contact us for the price and practicality of your changes and we'll guide you through the order.