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Dolly Tits

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Price: $210 Australian Dollars (est. $157 US)
Product Code: boobs Bondage Rating: 1/5 A bondage rating of 0 means no restriction at all, graduating up to 4 which means some restriction and you need help to wear and get out, and 5 which means heavy restriction and you need someone to help you wear and get out.
Weight: 700 g Normally international postage costs around the same up to 2kg so you can estimate how many items you can fit into one parcel if you want to combine postgage efficiently. Custom fit included: YES All our products are made to your measurements, except when you buy off the rack.
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The Dolly Tits torso suit is the perfect answer for those that want the convenience of easy-on-off breasts. It has been designed to be made from tougher 0.8mm latex skin. Please measure your size while wearing any corset or padding you will be wearing beneath it. Valves for the breasts are on the inside of the suit. The default zipper reaches from the neck down to lower back. Due to the complexity of this suit we reserve the right to vary the design slightly from as shown. Recently upgraded to allow choice of either pointy or natural nipples. The pointy nipples flatten to be merely erect when worn with a bra. Available in your choice of main skin color. Please note that we do not carry all colors in 0.8mm - we will let you know if you need to choose another color when you order. Black is also popular. Where rare quick buy items are available for this outfit, only chest, waist and hip measurements need to match, height and weight are less important.

Availability: Out of stock for the moment, sorry.

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Vote for this item if you would like us to stock it in your size.